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Picrun, a fun Facebook game for iPhone was Project Managed by Brian Turner. Please feel free to contact us with feedback and improvements.

PICRUN for Facebook

Like checking out your friend's updates?
Want to do this and play a game at the same time?
What if your friend's Facebook pictures and updates became a game?

PICRUN takes them, mixes them into a puzzle grid and asks you to match them up so you have to guess who said what and whose picture was whose?

A refreshing simple game that lets you have some fun before going on to check Facebook everyday.


- Uses Facebook updates and your friends pics to make a fun puzzle
- Players have to match the friend with the update to win points
- Bonus Fruit machine points available.
- Post your score to Facebook to challenge friends to beat it.
- Fun music and noises.

After playing the game you can into Facebook as normal or continue to play with other updates.


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